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Rohn Direct Embed Pole Medium, 100ft

$‎13,835.45 $‎16,277.00
  • SKU: DEP100MA
  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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$‎13,835.45 $‎16,277.00

Specifications Rohn DEP100MA

Tower Height100 ft
Tower TypeMonopole
Duty RatingMedium
Embedment Depth20 ft
Embedment Diameter3.5 ft

Rohn DEP100MA Direct Embed Pole Medium 100'

ROHN pre-engineered monopoles offer the perfect balance between durability and convenience. The DEP100MA is designed to be installed in hours as opposed to days. SImply excavate a hole, insert the pole base into the ground and backfill with the appropriate aggregate.

The ROHN DEP100MA direct-embed monopole kit comes complete with everything you need to erect a 100-ft hot-dip galvanized steel pole including:

  • (4) 5-in x 7-in ports with 2 port covers
  • (1) Vented cap plate
  • (1) Bearing plate welded to bottom
  • (1) Safety warning sign
  • (1) Pole ID tag
  • Attachment clips for step bolts.