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  • Rohn 25AG/45AG Tower Bushing, 1.25" ID

Rohn 25AG/45AG Tower Bushing, 1.25" ID

  • SKU: TB50
  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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TB50 Rohn 25AG, 45AG TOWER BUSHING, 1.25" ID

ROHN TB50 Tower Bushing for 25AG 45AG Tower Section The ROHN 25AG Tower Section Comes with a Removable Bushing at the Top of the Mast Tube on the Pinnacle of the Section. The 45AG Mounting Tube is open at both ends. Use this Die Cast Reducer to Peen into ROHN Top Cap R-25AG 45AG Section's 1-13/16 inch I.D. Mounting Tube on the bottom end as to reduce down to and support 1.25" O.D. Mast. After Orientation the set screw on the 25AG 45AG section will lock down the Mast.