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  • SIAE ALFOPlus2 SW License to enable RMON (Remote Ethernet Monitoring)

SIAE ALFOPlus2 SW License to enable RMON (Remote Ethernet Monitoring)

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ALFOPlus2 SW License to enable RMON (Remote Ethernet Monitoring)

Microwave radio always played a key role in mobile backhauling, becoming the predominant technology in use.

With the evolution of mobile technology, microwave radio has evolved to -t those requirements, always offering new and innovative way to enable fast RAN deployments.

ALFOplus2 is the next generation 2/4 Gbps full outdoor solution to enable successful launch of LTE, by providing best TCO while boosting capacity and availability of the network.


  • Dual carrier, Dual Core
  • 6 GHz to 38 GHz licensed bands
  • In-house single-chip RF Multicore technology
  • Up to 2x80 MHz channels
  • 4 QAM-4096 QAM with ACM
  • Integrated XPIC circuitry
  • L1 Link aggregation
  • 4x4 MIMO support
  • SM-OS based platform
  • 4 x 1/2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports
  • Multilayer Header Compression
  • Synchronous Ethernet and 1588v2 support
  • MEF Carrier Ethernet platform
  • Switch fabric 46 Gbps
  • PoE and dedicated power feeder connectors
  • HQoS and traffic shaping
  • OAM 802.1ag/ITU-T Y 1731
  • MPLS ready platform
  • Open Flow support for SDN
  • AES128/256 Encryption
  • Single NE management
  • CISCO Microwave Adaptive Bandwidth interworking


  • Full frequency 6 GHz to 38 GHz coverage to address any application, offering very high modulation schemes to reach 4 Gbps capacity transport in a single compact unit.
  • SM-OS Single Operating system common to all the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA's product platform.
  • The SM-OS accelerates the distribution of new carrier grade features throughout the network. It guarantees common consistent behavior and operational capacity for the entire portfolio. It brings flexibility where it is needed.
  • Unmatched spectrum efficiency and larger channel selection (single 10 MHz up to 2x80 MHz channels).
  • Integrated XPIC capability using 34% less power consumption than dual single carrier solution.
  • Future proof architecture that quadruples the throughput, achieves better link availability and reduces the antenna size.
  • Best in class system gain for Microwave Backhaul in all the frequency bands.
  • Drastic reduction in TCO thanks to high level of integration and Zero foot print.

Specifications UPG-AP2-RMON

Supported Configurations Single Unit - Dual Core: 1+0 / 1+1 / 2+0 / XPIC Two Units - Quad Core: 2+2 / 4+0 / 1+1 XPIC / 4x4 MIMO
Key Features 2x 10/20/30/40/50/60/80 MHz software selectable bandwidths
Modulations 4QAM – 4096 QAM with ACM
Ethernet Service Delivery Carrier Grade CE/MPLS Layer2 VPL and VPLS Services MEF defined E-Line and E-LAN service support Carrier Ethernet CE2.0 compliant H-QoS (per port, Service and Class of service) Flow-Based Trafic Shaping ITU-T Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE1588v2 native support
Compliant with ETSI , FCC
Modulation Schemes4 QAM / 16 QAM / 32 QAM / 64 QAM / 128 QAM / 256 QAM / 512 QAM / 1024 QAM / 2048 QAM / 4096 QAM
Channel Spacing10 MHz / 20 MHz / 30 MHz / 40 MHz / 50 MHz/ 60 MHz / 80 MHz
ThroughputUp to 1 Gbps per radio channel
Frequency Stability±5 ppm
Frequency Agility250 KHz (software programmable)
RTPCUp to 30 in 1 dB steps
ATPCUp to 30 in 1 dB steps
Dimensions (WxHxD)330 x 252 x 132 (mm)*
Power Supply -48 Vdc ( -15%, +20%) 
Power Consumption≤ 65 W
Environmental Performance

ODU Weather Proofing Class: IP65
Operational Temperature Range: -33°C ÷ +55°C

Temperature range degraded performances: -40°C ÷ +60°C