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Titan Wireless MikroMAX5 Access Points

  • Manufacturer: Titan Wireless
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Titan Build AP-MMAX5D-RFE

Titan MikroMAX5 Access Points

The Titan MMAX (StationBoxS) Series Access Points allow you to use MiktoTik RouterOS with RF Element or Ubiquiti Antennas. Making this the most flexible, compact, low cost outdoor radio unit on the market.

2x2 MiMo TechnologyMikroMAX (MMAX) series devices use the 802.11n protocol for MAX speeds in the unlicensed spectrum. Available in single and dual chain, MikroTik MMAX devices allow you to use both modes from the same AP. You NOW have the ability to run all single chain (1x1), Dual Chain (2x2), and even legacy 802.11a off the same AP with NV2 TDMA enabled unlike the competition!!

Advanced Design AP's are designed to fulfill both functionality and aesthetic requirements. Only solid, non corrosive materials are used for enclosure construction. When used with RF Elements Sector Antennas you get UV resistant ABS plastic and antenna brackets made of die cast aluminum with a remarkable low weight design, which helps in decreasing overall tower load.

Additional Protection of RF Connectors An additional plastic cover is added to protect the RF connectors against excessive exposure to sun, water, snow, ice or angry birds (real ones!) damaging the interconnecting pigtails between AP and antenna. A simple but very effective solution.


  • Ability to use MikroTik with Ubiquiti Antennas
  • MiMo Technology
  • Small Form Factor and Low Weight
  • No Corrosion
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • NV2 TDMA Capable