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Tycon Power Outdoor Polycarbonate Enclosure 14x10x5"

US$‎94.00 US$‎98.95
  • SKU: ENC-PL-14x10x5
  • Manufacturer: Tycon Systems
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US$‎94.00 US$‎98.95

Tycon Power ENC-PL-14x10x5

Outdoor Enclosures

The TPENC series outdoor enclosures are designed for applications that require a sturdy, weatherproof enclosure to house various electronics. They have gasket seals and are made from UV resistant materials for long service life. They can be wall or pole mounted. The ENC-PL and ENC-ST enclosures have lockable closures to prevent unauthorized access.

Features include a hinged cover for easy access and weatherproof feedthru’s for cables and wiring. The ENC-DC comes with two RJ45 feedthru which allows passing of an RJ45 connector to make the entire enclosure field replaceable. It also has three cutouts for an N Female connector for attaching external antennas. Hole Plugs are included for the N Cutouts if all aren’t needed. The ENC-PL has 3 weatherproof universal cable feedthru’s. The ENC-ST has four cutouts for RJ45 Feedthrus (included) and DIN rail mounts on both interior sides as well as on the door. The ENC-St also comes with a removable battery shelf