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Tycon Power 1300W Solar, 48V 180Ah Batt, 24 or 48V 200W Max Output

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  • SKU: RPAL48-180-1300
  • Manufacturer: Tycon Systems
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$‎6,646.15 $‎6,995.95

Specifications RPAL48-180-1300

Rated Power Generation150W with 3hrs Peak Sun
200W with 6hrs Peak Sun
Solar Panel Capacity 1300W
Autonomous Operation At 200W load - 24hrs, At 100W Load - 48hrs, At 50W Load - 96hrs
POE Output Voltage (DC) 7 Gigabit PoE Ports 24V or 48V (selectable), 3@35W, 4@17W
Secondary Voltage Out (DC) Wire Terminal 24V or 48V (selectable), 2.25A
Battery Voltage (DC) / Capacity 48VDC 180Ah 8640W
Battery Type Valve-Regulated Gelled-Electrolyte Battery
Battery Life 5 years
Controller Type MPPT, Manageable Through Web Interface, 7 Passive PoE Ports(24VDC or 48VDC Selectable)
Charging Protections 3 Stage Charging, 57VDC Overcharge, 44VDC Over-Discharge, 48VDC Auto Recovery
Controller Protections Short Circuit, Over-Current, Over Temperature, Surge to 15KV
Controller Self Consumption <3W
Enclosure Type Coated Aluminum, Locking Latches, Sealed Cover, Vented
Enclosure External Size 68” x 19” x 25” (1732 x 483 x 635mm)
Solar Module type4x 325W polycrystalline
Solar Array Dims80” x 132” (2032 x 3353mm)
Array Mounting Type Tiltable (10-65deg) Top of Pole Mount (Pole Provided)
Pole Height 78” (1981mm)
Array Clearance to Ground at Max tilt 48” (1220mm)
Pole Mounting 4 Hole Flange (Requires cement base with 7/8”-1” (22-24mm) anchor bolts - *included)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
Battery Weight 544lb (247kg)
Additional System Weight488lb (221kg)
Warranty 3 Years

Tycon Power RPAL48-180-1300

1300W Solar, 48V 180Ah Batt, 24 or 48V 200W Max Output

The RemotePro® 200W continuous outdoor power systems are designed for applications that require a primary off-grid power source to run various electronics. With its 48VDC 180Ah deep cycle battery array it provides multiple day backup power.

The sturdy outdoor enclosure is a sealed aluminum enclosure specifically designed for battery storage. It is vented and has two lockable latches for security. The enclosures are designed to be mounted on a level platform or slab. There are multiple cable glands included for up to eight different cables. There is a lock feature on the back of the enclosure so it can be easily chained to the solar mount pole for security. The enclosure includes mounting features inside to mount DIN Rail (included) or a metal plate for mounting of customer electronics.

The high quality solar modules have a 25 year power output guarantee. The solar array is available in 650W and 1300W modules. Solar panels feature sturdy anodized aluminum frames and special low iron glass. They are designed to withstand hail storms and heavy accumulations of snow and ice.

The fully grounded solar mount is galvanized steel and anodized aluminum for long life. It is designed to be able to hold two or four 40”x66” (1016 x 1676mm) solar panels. Because of its single pole design it can be installed more readily on rough terrain by using a poured cement foundation. The mount has the capability to easily tilt the mounted panels from 10deg to 65deg so that the mount can be used virtually anywhere and can be adjusted to optimize for winter and summer sun, if desired.

The advanced MPPT battery charge controller handles all aspects of charge and discharge of batteries to protect batteries against over-charging or over-discharging and ensure optimum battery life. The charge controller includes a 7 Port Gigabit PoE switch with switchable 48VDC or 24VDC Passive PoE output. The integrated management system allows for power cycling PoE ports and secondary voltage output ports. Information such as battery levels, current levels, temperature are readily available via the controller web interface.

Batteries are GEL type which provides the best available deep discharge and temperature performance. The 48VDC battery array provides 180Ah of reserve power. For a typical use application with 100W load, the batteries should provide at least 2 days autonomy. In normal use the batteries should provide in excess of 5 years life.


  • Complete Remote Power Solution for Off-grid Operation
  • Weatherproof, UV Resistant, Outdoor Enclosure
  • Enclosure Self-contained for Battery Safety and Equipment Security
  • High Performance Valve Regulated Gel Batteries
  • MPPT Managed Charge Controller with Integrated 7 Port Gigabit PoE Switch
  • Built-in Remote Monitoring (using our TPDIN® Technology)