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Ubiquiti airFiberX 11GHz AF-11FX antenna 35dBi


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Specifications AF-11G35

Dimensionsø 811 x 460 mm (ø 31.9 x 18.1")
WeightMount Not Included : 7.14 kg (15.74 lb) Mount Included : 11.85 kg (26.12 lb)
Frequency Range10.3 - 11.7 GHz
Gain35 dBi
HPOL Beamwidth2.5°
VPOL Beamwidth2.5° 
Max. VSWR2:1
Wind Survivability200 km/h (125 mph)
Wind Loading1538 N @ 200 km/h (346 lbf @125 mph)
PolarizationDefault: H/V After Rotating OMT: ±45°
Cross-Pol Isolation35 dB
MountingUses the AF-5/AF-5U Mounting System
Pattern RegulatoryETSI 302 217-4-2, Class 3 and FCC Cat B

Ubiquiti Networks AF-11G35

airFiberX 11GHz AF-11FX antenna 35dBi

Ubiquiti Networks introduces the airFiber® AF-11G35 antenna, designed for use in the licensed 11 GHz band. Break free of the crowded 5 GHz spectrum by pairing the airFiber AF-11G35 antenna with the airFiber AF-11FX radio (available separately), to create the endpoint of an 11 GHz high-performance, full-duplex, Point-to-Point bridge or network backhaul.

Powerful Performance

The airFiber AF-11G35 antenna delivers SISO or 2x2 MIMO, dual-polarity performance. On the right is one example of how the AF-11G35 antenna with the AF-11FX radio can be deployed as endpoints in a backhaul link to deliver bandwidth from a WISP network out to a neighborhood tower. From there, an airMAX® Sector antenna with a Rocket® radio delivers bandwidth to the WISP’s customers.

Upgrade to Licensed, Full‑Duplex 11 GHz

For existing Ubiquiti Networks® AF-5 and AF-5U installations, the AF-11G35 provides a quick, convenient upgrade path to the licensed 11 GHz band.

The airFiber AF-11G35 uses the same antenna mount as the airFiber AF-5 and AF-5U – by simply swapping out an AF-5 or AF-5U with the AF-11G35, you can quickly and easily upgrade an unlicensed, full-duplex 5 GHz link to a licensed, full-duplex 11 GHz link.

Carrier-Class Construction

Incorporating a dish reflector design for excellent beam directivity, the airFiber AF-11G35 antenna features robust mechanical design using industrial-strength hardware for outdoor application use.

Plug and Play Integration

The AF-11G35 antenna has a built-in mount for the AF-11FX radio, so installation requires no special tools. Snap the airFiber AF-11FX radio securely into place and mount the antenna; you then have the optimal airFiber X antenna and radio combination for your 11 GHz PtP application.

Innovative, Weatherproof Design

  • Secure Pole-Mounting Maintains the position of the dish during harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Protective Shroud Protects the cables and connectors from the elements.
  • Integrated Radome Shields the radio from the environment.

Mount Designed for Safety, Easy Upgrade

  • Lanyard Loops Assist in safely hoisting the antenna up a tower and into place.
  • Azimuth Support Brackets Allow the antenna to be safely supported while the azimuth is adjusted.
  • Shared AF-5/AF-5U Mount Design Facilitates upgrade of full-duplex links from unlicensed 5 GHz to licensed 11 GHz.