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Ubiquiti AirFiber X 4.9GHz Backhaul

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  • Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks
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Ubiquiti AirFiber X 4.9 GHz (AF-4X)

The Ubiquiti Networks airFiber AF-4X, is Ubiquiti’s first licensed spectrum radio designed for the public safety sector. It optimizes use of the 4.9 GHz radio band with its industry-leading spectral efficiency and TDD throughput to meet the growing need of broadband capacity.

Optimized Performance

Ubiquiti's INVICTUS custom silicon and proprietary radio architecture are designed specifically for long distance outdoor applications.

Carrier Backhaul for the World

The airFiber X features multiple channel width options to suit your deployment needs up to 11 different channel sizes available for the AF-4X.

Optimal Operation and Channel Configuration

Channel width flexibility allows you to independently configure TX and RX channel frequencies and place them anywhere within the radio band to avoid local interference. You also have the ability to program different uplink and downlink duty cycles to support asymmetric traffic requirements.

Specifications AF-4X

Operating Frequency4940-4990MHz
Maximum Throughput500Mbps
Maximum Range200+km
Conducted TX Power29dBm
RF Connectors2 x RP-SMA weatherproof, 1 x SMA weatherproof
GPS Antennaexternal, magnetic base
Power Supply24V, 1A PoE Gigabit adapter
Voltage Range19-29V DC
Dimensions224 x 82 x 48 mm (8.82 x 3.23 x 1.89in)
AF-4X Networking Interface
Data Port (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
Management Port (1) 10/100 Ethernet Port
AF-4X System
Maximum Throughput 500+ Mbps1
Maximum Range 200+ km1
Encryption 128-bit AES
OS airOS® F
Wireless Modes Master/Slave