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Ubiquiti PrismStation AC Outdoor 14dBi 5GHz WiFi PoE AP

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  • Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks
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Ubiquiti Networks PS-5AC-45

Ubiquiti PrismStation AC Outdoor 14dBi 5GHz WiFi PoE AP

The Ubiquiti PrismStation 5AC directs RFenergy in a tighter beamwidth usingan interchangeable isolation antennahorn, available in both symmetricaland asymmetrical designs.

Ubiquiti PrismStation PS-5AC-45 Features:

  • Throughput speeds up to 500+ Mbps
  • GPS Synchronisation
  • Interchangeable Isolation Antenna Horn
  • airPrism Active RF Filtering Technology
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management

With the focus in one direction, the PrismStation 5AC blocks or spatiallyfilters out noise, so noise immunityis improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded withother RF signals of the same or similar frequency.

Built to Fight Noise With Prism Active RF Filter

The Ubiquiti R&D team designed airPrism filtering as a robust solution for tower co-location interference. Requiring no communication between radios – and functioning despite noise from other vendors’ radios (unlike GPS synchronization) – airPrism enables greater system capacity and overall throughput by further reducing out-of-band energy.

Modular Design

With flexible sectorization foroptional antenna beamwidths, thehorn antenna is interchangeableand improves beam-shaping forspecific deployment and environmentneeds. The PrismStation 5AC useshorn antenna sectors designed forincreased co-location performancewithout sacrificing gain.Providing high throughput andan innovative form factor, the PrismStation 5AC is versatileand cost-effective to deploy. The PrismStation 5AC also utilizes thelatest ESD protection to help protectagainst power surges.

GPS Synchronisation

PrismStationTM AC supports GPS Sync for faster, more scalable, carrier-class networks, with 90% higher throughout than competing solutions.

Enhanced Co-Location

Asymmetrical horn antenna options (60° and 90°) have naturally attenuated side lobes and extremely low back radiation, and they offer industry-leading front-to-back ratio and low side lobe radiation. Symmetrical horn antennas (30° and 45°, the default) are ideal for cluster sector installations with high co-location requirements.


Symmetrical horn antennas (30o and45o versions) offer breakthrough scalability options for wireless systems. Unique beam performanceand great co-location characteristics allow for a higher density of sectorsthan traditional sector technology.

Using airMAX ac technology, the PrismStation 5AC supports up to 500+ Mbps real TCP/IPthroughput.The PrismStation 5AC features two differentpole-mounting methods that can be used depending on your deployment needs

  • Metal Strap Use this option for quickmounting on a pole
  • Mounting Bracket Use this option for ± 20°tilt adjustments of the horn's elevation

Improved Noise Immunity

PrismStationTM AC blocks or spatially filters out noise, so noise immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency.

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