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WiFi Texas Voltage and Current tester for PoE

  • SKU: WS-PoE-Tester
  • Manufacturer: PoE Texas
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WiFi Texas WS-PoE-Tester

The WS-PoE-Tester reports voltage and current for PoE systems. It works with 802.3af and passive PoE, and also 802.3at.

Dual displays show the voltage and current on each set of power pairs (Mode A and Mode B) used in PoE. In 802.3at – both power pairs should be active – and both will be displayed.

The tester is protected from reversed power, with a warning LED in case reversed power is applied. Dual inputs allow with straight or crossover ethernet connections ( 568A or 568B ).

In addition, a power supply brick can be tested using the 2.1mm DC power connectors. This allows DC power supplies for laptops, printers or any other application to be tested.


  • Measure available voltage at the remote end of a PoE connected device
  • observe loss in the Ethernet cable.
  • Mode A display from 20v to 56 volts
  • Mode B display from 20v to 56 volts
  • DC input display from 5v to 56 volts
  • Measure PoE currents up to 500 ma (28 watts)
  • Use the 2.1mm DC connectors to measure voltage and current / power in 24, 48 and 56 volt installations
  • DC current up to 5 amps
  • 2.1mm to 2.1mm jumper included.
  • Bright LED displays – alternate between Voltage, Current and Power.