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WiFi Texas 16 port Shielded Rack Mount POE Panel

  • SKU: WS-POE-16-1U
  • Manufacturer: PoE Texas
  • Data Sheet: Download
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WiFi Texas WS-POE-16-1U

These devices provide power on the spare data wires in the ethernet cable. All devices receive the same voltage – choose a power supply with more available power than the total all devices. Check device specs for power needs, it is under 4 watts for most Phones, other devices need more

We offer 18v, 24v and 48v supplies, with 60 and 120 watt versions, also 12, 8 port versions.

Uses a 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC connector. We also stock 12v to 48v power supplies.


  • 16 RJ45 jacks with Data + Power out
  • Power per port limited to 650 ma
  • 16 RJ45 jacks Data in – connect to your switch
  • 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC power jack
  • Screw terminal alternate DC power connector
  • Failover function internally
  • LED power status
  • 10/100 operation
  • We offer 9 different power supply options