Baicells CBRS Quick Setup Guide

The Baicells CBRS Domain Proxy setup is a bit arcane so we have determined the best method for easily adding your ENB to your CBRS SAS account. When you begin the process, you should change the settings to your SAS vendor. In this example we are using Google as our SAS. The Multistep method allows you to use just standard web based forms and unlike the single step method does not require the use of Java.

Step 1 – Enable the SAS Provider in the OMC under Advance


Step 2 – Enable the ENB for SAS DP connectivity and set install parameters in the ENB using the Multistep Method. Set the PreferFreqHigh to the highest frequency you want to request and the PreferFreqLow to the lowest. In this example, we are requesting 2 10Mhz channels from 3550 to 3570.



The CPI name must not contain spaces.  For instance, my name is DavidPeterson
The User ID was selected/given when you signed up for the SAS.  Ours is isp-supplies

 Step 3 - Log into your SAS Portal and click on the Ready For CPI Button.

Step 4 - Have your CPI verify the installation parameters and sign the CBSD.



David Peterson

David Peterson was born in Muskegon, MI and currently makes his home in Norwalk, Ohio. David has been working in IT for nearly 30 years and in the wireless industry for the last 20. He is the LTE trainer for all of ISP Supplies vendors and is certified in all products carried by us.