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I am always amazed at people who want to return things they buy, but only after they have basically used them up. For example, Walmart will let you return anything, even without a receipt. I suspect that if you show up with a box of used, stinking, dirty diapers, they will let you exchange that as well.

Small business like ours can not survive if we are quite that liberal with returns. If you return something to us, it has to be in new, resell-able condition. Take MikroTik RouterOS software licenses for instance… You pay us for the license, we buy a license from MikroTik and we issue the license to you. Once it is issued, it can not be returned as it only will work on your router. Seldom has anyone ever wanted to “return” their license but it finally happened in an interesting way. Here is the PayPal transcript after the user disputed the sale because he claimed the key did not work:

From Seller – ISP Supplies
12/6/2013 13:29 PST

Please send me your email address and I will open a ticket with Mikrotik and get this resolved. Can you close this dispute and I can we work this out with you outside Paypal? We are the third largest Mikrotik distributor in the USA so we will not leave you hanging. Email me at

From Buyer – Galkina Nataliya
12/8/2013 09:59 PST

This is first time i tried to buy licensed version of RouterOS and completely disappointed. Cracked versions fully satisfied me, now i just want to back my money and forget about this. You can talk with Mikrotik by yourself, if you like.

From Buyer – Galkina Nataliya
12/8/2013 10:08 PST

You can get here VMware disk image of my RouterOS which i have problem.

From Seller – ISP Supplies
12/9/2013 09:17 PST

There is no way to give your money back. The license is issued and it can not be returned. Using “cracked” versions of software is also against the law. I will tell PayPal to close this case since you received what your ordered, and it works, but you have decided to use unlawful versions instead. Is that correct?

As I said, never a dull moment.

Steve Discher

Steve Discher was born in Apple Valley, California and today makes his home in College Station, Texas with his wife and three children. He is a 1987 graduate of Texas A-M University and owns ISP Supplies, a wireless distribution company, and conducts MikroTik training classes. His hobbies include flying his Piper Cub and RV camping with his family.

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