If You Haven’t Yet Registered Yet, You Might Get Left Out

Hard to believe but the USA MikroTik User’s Meeting is week after next. If you have never attended a training the week of the MUM, you are really missing something cool. Why you ask?

  1. Since training is Monday through Wednesday, you will arrive at the MUM hotel more than 3 days before anyone else, get acclimated, and find the best places to eat and drink.
  2. MikroTik engineers will also arrive early so you get the first opportunity to meet them in person and discuss your specific applications with the guys that design the products you use over lunch or a drink.
  3. By arriving early, you will be first in line for the registration table and get your free router before anyone else. I suspect you will be the first into the reception hall as well!
  4. Most importantly, you get to participate n three days of intensive MikroTik training with me and earn your MTCNA certification.

If you already have your MTCNA, why not come and re-certify? Your certificate is only good for three years so this could be your year to get re-certified and get up to date on RouterOS.

If I still haven’t convinced you, how about a free voucher for the MUM itself? I still have a few available, just register for my class and once registered, email me and I will send you one free voucher to attend the MUM.

I hope you are convinced, and I look forward to meeting each of you at the USA MikroTik MUM in Pittsburgh, Pa. Learn More…

Steve Discher

Steve Discher was born in Apple Valley, California and today makes his home in College Station, Texas with his wife and three children. He is a 1987 graduate of Texas A-M University and owns ISP Supplies, a wireless distribution company, and conducts MikroTik training classes. His hobbies include flying his Piper Cub and RV camping with his family.

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