The Difference Between a WiFi Router and a WiFi Modem

Digital communication is progressing and has advanced to a point where we no longer need a physical connection to connect to the internet. As a result, we can set up a computer network without cluttering a home or office space with cables and wires. As we enter the wireless age of digital communications, users can now connect to a network through radio signals. That means connecting to a WAN, LAN, and the internet without UTP cables is now possible. New kinds of hardware are emerging thanks to this new technology. That’s why we see many devices with a ‘WiFi’ prefix. WiFi refers to wireless fidelity. A device with ‘WiFi’ attached to its name, means that it is compatible with the WiFi technology. WiFi is a wireless networking technology that allows users to connect wirelessly to a mobile device, computer, or network. There are now wireless-ready USB devices and LAN cards which transmit and receive radio waves. WiFi routers and WiFi modems are the most popular wireless devices. In this guide, we are going to highlight the key differences between a WiFi router and a WiFi model. We will also present some of the bet places to buy the latest modems and routers for enjoying smooth internet connectivity.

Difference between a WiFi Router and a WiFi Modem

Before we observe the major differences between a WiFi modem and a WiFi router, let’s quickly discuss the purpose of each of these devices.

What is a WiFi Modem?

This device combines the functionality of a router and a modem. That makes a WiFi modem a one-stop shop for internet connectivity. We also call this device a gateway. Internet Service Providers rent their subscribers' home networking devices and WiFi modems for a small monthly fee. People looking for a simple home network solution can benefit from this convenient option. In addition, subscribers can inquire about an internet service provider to help them determine what kind of router, gateway, or modem best suits their needs. On the other hand, users can also customize their home network environment by purchasing their WiFi modems.

What is a WiFi Router?

Routers are devices for determining the best path for sending data packets. When a network sends data to another network, routers oversee all activity to direct the data packets to the correct location. WiFi routers perform their essential function through radio signals alone. You should have a cable socket or a phone in your home which looks like an aerial socket. However, it has a rectangular or thinner socket. You must plug your router into that socket to allow data transfer for a WiFi connection. The WiFi router converts this data into radio signals. WiFi devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops can pick up these signals. Users can also use their router to connect WiFi-capable devices to download or stream digital TV. For example, Google’s Chromecast, Amazons Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV.

WiFi Modem vs. WiFi Router

The primary function of WiFi modems is to modulate and demodulate wireless signals. On the other hand, WiFi routers allow users to connect to a wireless network without signal modulating and demodulating capabilities. WiFi routers can choose the most efficient route for sending data packets to the most suitable nodes. On the other hand, WiFi modems only make the signal readable. Therefore, they do not have any role in determining the best route for data packets. WiFi routers allow a wireless-compatible device to connect to an already established network, usually LAN. However, WiFi modems will enable a device to accept a radio signal your ISP provides for connecting to the internet.

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In 2017, J.D. Power ranked TP-Link’s wireless routers the highest in customer satisfaction. The success of TP-Link does not come as a surprise to its rival brands and consumers. The award-winning brand boasts a competent research team of 900 engineers and is famous for launching innovative technology. Established in 1996, TP-Link is currently a leading provider of SOHO & SMB networking products. The brand shipped over 80 million products to more than 120 nations in 2017 alone. With many modems, routers, POE switches, and other devices, TP-Link products are incredibly popular among networking professionals. TP-Link is committed to R&D and complies with the latest quality assurance standards for bringing the best products.


MikroTik has been a prominent manufacturer of user-friendly router hardware and software. Launched in 1995, MikroTik provides affordable and powerful network management solutions that companies, ISPs, and individual users use globally. Their carrier-grade routers feature multi-core CPUs and offer various indoor and outdoor solutions. We are proud to be a certified MikroTik product distributor, offering the complete range of MikroTik wireless ISP systems for internet connectivity. These include interfaces, enclosures, integrated solutions, RouterBOARDs, etc. In addition, ISP Supplies also has a MikroTik Certified Trainer to help users make the most of the brand’s latest products.


Robert Pera, a former Apple Engineer, launched Ubiquiti Networks in 2005. This innovative brand equips operators and providers with the latest broadband wireless solutions. Ubiquiti focuses on unified information technology, developing high-capacity distributed Internet access, and innovative consumer electronics. The brand has sold over 70 million devices to 200+ countries and territories across the globe. We are a certified Ubiquiti distributor, offering a complete range of Ubiquiti products. These include Ubiquiti airMAX, EdgeMAX, AirVision, airFiber mFi, etc. We also have a Ubiquiti Certified Trainer who conducts Ubiquiti wireless classes.

Cambium Network

Cambium Networks boasts a decade of experience in the networking world. The brand showcases an impressive portfolio of unique products. These high-tech solutions provide innovative wireless broadband connectivity solutions to network operators worldwide. Cambium Networks’ scalable technologies allow rural Internet providers to offer their customers cost-effective, secure, and high-speed internet. The brand offers secure and scalable WiFi, PMP (point-to-multipoint), and PTP (point-to-point) platforms. In addition, their products are engineered to perform under harsh environments, guaranteeing a low total cost of ownership. Cambium equipment also reduces the cost of infrastructure by connecting more subscribers per access point.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for wireless or network gear in the Brazos Valley, explore a wide variety of options available on ISP Supplies. We provide wired routers, wireless routers, and wireless systems for your home and office. Our impressive 10,000-square-foot warehouse is packed with all the necessary products and equipment to create a networking setup and home or workplace. You can find a huge variety of supplies, switches, routers, etc.

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