Carrier Class Asymmetrical Horns

Exceptional quality Carrier Class Asymmetrical Horns are suitable for rural deployments, high-density AP clusters, and dense co-location sites.
The 20°, 60°, or 90° beam antenna that is 20°, 60°or 90° wide in the azimuth plane and 25° or 30° in elevation features two N-female connectors. Unique beam shape, elliptical horns deliver better coverage and possess a balanced H+V beam pattern. The contemporary antenna is built like a tank with die-cast, stamped, and extruded aluminum; stainless steel, high-quality ABS plastic, and UV-resistant HDPE. It covers an ultra-wide frequency range: 5180-6000 MHz with excellent VSWR performance. RF Elements horns with a 160km/h wind survival have an increased gain of up to 20 dBi and 95% efficiency.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements offering its certified Carrier Class Asymmetrical Horns at the most competitive prices.

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HG3-CC-A90(Discount)RF Elements 90° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna(Discount)
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HG3-CC-A90RF Elements 90° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna
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College Station
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HG3-CC-A20RF Elements 20° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna
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