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RFC400-1000Shireen LMR400 EQ cables, 1000ft spool
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  • SKU: RFC400-1000
50590Shireen EtherGuardian Gigabit NON PoE Line Surge Protector
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  • SKU: 50590
FP-1204Shireen Fiber & Power Triamese Cable - 1000ft Spool
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  • SKU: FP-1204
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CON-RJ45-C6-100Shireen SmartFeed CAT6 RJ45 Shielded Connector (Pack of 100)
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  • SKU: CON-RJ45-C6-100
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DC-2030Shireen 1000ft, Outdoor gel tape Cat6
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  • SKU: DC-2030
DC-1020Shireen 1000Ft, Outdoor Gel Filled Cat5E
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  • SKU: DC-1020
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DC-1023Shireen outdoor shielded cable with messenger, 1000ft
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  • SKU: DC-1023
DC-1041Shireen 1000ft, outdoor shielded & gel filled
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  • SKU: DC-1041
US$‎242.00 US$‎246.50
DC-1042Shireen 1000ft, outdoor shielded & dry gel tape
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  • SKU: DC-1042
US$‎242.00 US$‎246.50
DC-1021Shireen 1000ft, outdoor shielded cat5e
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  • SKU: DC-1021
DC-1030Shireen 1000ft, outdoor dry gel tape cat5e
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  • SKU: DC-1030
US$‎210.00 US$‎225.50
DC-2021Shireen 1000ft, Outdoor shielded Cat6
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  • SKU: DC-2021