Ubiquiti airMAX

Rugged design utmost-performance airMAX is smartly designed for PTP and PtMP links, including corporate buildings, residences, cafes, businesses, and outdoors. The latest generation of CPE, PowerBeam provides ideal performance in high-noise environments, while NanoBeam provides both radio and antenna for the smallest possible footprint. Besides, GBE-Plus is a 60 GHz Radio that supports 1 Gbps rates with low latency and may include a 5 GHz radio backup. Ubiquiti’s high-performance airMAX CPE has a high-speed processor for superior performance. Its NanoBridge is capable of up to 100+ Mbps throughput and 30+ km range, and the rugged RocketM5 for 50+ km long range and 150+ Mbps speed seamlessly integrates with airMAX BaseStations and Rocket Antennas. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Ubiquiti, offering its certified airMAX at the best prices.