Ubiquiti Airmax AC

High-performance airMAX AC is expertly constructed for providing low interference and high-throughput connectivity for PTP and PtMP links. Highly efficient, versatile airMAX AC for up to 500+ Mbps throughput feature a multi-radio architecture, improved surge protection, spectral analysis, and real-time reporting. Ubiquiti’s innovative mechanical design radio has a high-speed processor for superior performance. Besides, its InnerFeed technology eliminates the need for a cable, reducing cable losses. Its 60 GHz radio for up to 2 km long-range and 1Gbps+ throughput, comes with 5 GHz radio backup, supports full bandwidth use of 2.16 GHz and offers the freedom of 3-axis alignment. The radios offer improved latency and noise immunity and feature enhanced protection against ESD events. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Ubiquiti, offering its certified airMAX AC at the best prices.

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PBE-5AC-620-USUbiquiti PowerBeam 5GHz ac Bridge 620mm
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