Ubiquiti Airmax Antennas

Robust mechanical design airMAX Antennas are ideal for co-location deployments, PTP/PtMP links, backhauls, and outdoor applications. High-gain, carrier-class 2x2 dual-polarity MIMO antennas for up to 20 dBi gain and 360° coverage seamlessly integrate with Rocket Radios to create a powerful base station. airMAX weatherproof design, 3 ft. RocketDish antennas have a reflector with extended depth to reduce noise interference. Its newly designed 19 dBi asymmetrical horn antennas offer improved beam shaping, while 16 dBi Yagi antennas provide incredible range (20+ km) and speed (90+ Mbps real TCP/IP). Every antenna has a built-in Rocket mount for easy installation. Plus, the sleek integrated design Isolator Shield provides astounding RF isolation performance. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Ubiquiti, offering its certified airMAX Antennas at the best prices.