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ANT-D35-4X4-01Cambium Dual band 5GHz/6GHz, 13dBi, 35 degree beamwidth 4x4 antenna with N-female connectors
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ANT-OM-1X1-05Cambium Tri-Band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz/6 GHz, 5 dBi, omni-directional 1x1 antenna with N-male connector
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  • SKU: ANT-OM-1X1-05
C060900D021ACambium ePMP 6 GHz 2x2 Dish Antenna (Priced individually sold as 2 pack)
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  • SKU: C060900D021A
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C060940D301ACambium ePMP 4x4 6GHz MU-MIMO Sector Antenna with Mounting Kit
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C050900D025ACambium ePMP 3000 Dual Horn MU-MIMO Antenna, 5 GHz, 60 degree
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N050045D002ACambium 5GHz 4-Pack High-Gain Antenna Assembly for PMP450b / PTP450b High-Gain Radios, IP55
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  • SKU: N050045D002A
C050910D301ACambium ePMP 5GHz 17dBi 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna (for ePMP3000AP)
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  • SKU: C050910D301A
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N110082D073ACambium Networks 3' ANT,SP,11GHz,RFU-C TYPE&Std UBR100 - Andrew
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  • SKU: N110082D073A
C050900D020ACambium ePMP 2000/3000 5GHz Smart Beam Forming Antenna
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  • SKU: C050900D020A
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N009045D003ACambium 900MHz 12 dBi Yagi Antenna, Dual Slant
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C024900D004ACambium 2.4 GHz ePMP 1000 90 Degree Sector Antenna
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C030045D901ACambium 3.3-3.8 GHz 90° Sector Dual Slant OFDM
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