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KP-5PDA-UIS5KP Performance Ubiquiti® PS-5AC, IS-5AC, IS-M5 Quick Connect Adapter for 5GHz ProLine Parabolic and Horn Antennas
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KP-ATOMGEN2-RMV2KP Performance Baicells ATOM GEN2 UE Mount 1pk
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KPPA-EPMP2K-APBRKP Performance Cambium ePMP 2000 Bracket for Mounting the ePMP2000 On a Sector Antenna
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RK24EWIFIDB-RM2KP Performance Cambium 2GHz/3GHz/5GHz Mount Replacement
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KPPA-3GHZDPFHA-KKP Performance 3 GHz Boomerang Feed Horn with Bracket
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KPPA-2GHZDPFHA-KKP Performance 2 GHz Boomerang Feed Horn with Bracket
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KPPA-DPBKP Performance U-bolt Bracket Kit for Pipe Mounting Reflectors
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KPPA-HWPKP Performance Hardware Packs for Reflector Dishes and Feed Horn Antennas
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KPPA-J-ARMKP Performance J-ARM Dish Bracket 20" tall 1 5/8' OD - 24 Pack Box
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KPPA-PMP-OBRKP Performance Cambium PMP 450 & 450i Omni Radio Mount
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KPPA-SRCKP Performance ePMP and UBNT Radio Case with VHB 3M Tape
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UB24EWIFIDBI-RMKP Performance Ubiquiti 2GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz reflector dish mount replacement
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