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MK-4971D-25DP-5packMimoTik 4.95-7.125GHz 25dBi 2x2 Dual Polarization Parabolic Dish Antenna 5-pack
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High-quality, solid MIMO antennas and accessories are manufactured for the telecom industry. They include Dish, Sector, Horn, Panel, and Omni antennas. MimoTik’s parabolic antennas offer dual (V/H or Slant +/-45⸰) polarization. They are lightweight, have a compact size, and are easy to install. The UV, rain, and rust-resistant antennas reduce cable costs. They have aluminum material reflectors, and their feed has two RP-SMA connector pigtail cables.

The Dish antenna with holes in its reflector helps reduce wind load, and the Sector antenna for Ubiquiti has up to 30dB high isolation and 120/90⸰ V and 4/8⸰ H beamwidth. Its UV-resistant PVC and IP55 rain-resistant Omni Antenna features 360⸰ V and 7⸰ H beamwidth. Plus, the Horn antenna with 30⸰ V/H beamwidth is easy to adjust and needs less space on the tower. On top of that, the TVWS panel antennas provide consistent gain across the 470 – 700MHz band, and the 3.3 – 3.8GHz CBRS dish and panel antennas offer 2*19 or 2*25 high gain. These antennas have anti-UV ABS radome.

We have MimoTik accessories, including radomes, pigtails, USB-C to Gigabit PoE Ethernet adapters, PoE battery power packs, feed horns, and brackets. They also include modular plugs, U bolts and bracket kit, power supply for PoE power pack with US plug, and so forth. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of MimoTik, offering a variety of its certified products for WISPs at the best value.