Transtector Rack Mount PDU's

Superior performance Data Protection Rack mount (DPR) is ideal for telecommunications base stations, WISP/ISP, IT/Data centers, PTP links, control lines and sense loops, and oil and gas applications.
Transtector’s DPR is constructed for high-performance, compact versatile surge protection of GigE, 10/100BT, POE, T1/E1, and xDSL equipment used for communications circuits. The 16-port chassis or DPR series is a fully configured rack system with six each T1 protection modules, five each xDSL protection modules, and five each 10/1 OOBT protection modules. Configured in the 19" rack chassis, the array of 16 modules also serves as a cross-connect.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Transtector, offering its certified DPR Series at the best prices.

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1000-1206Transtector DPR 19" Data Protection Rack Mount Chassis for 16 units
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