ViaPhoton Outdoor Hybrid Fiber Jumper

The sturdy ViaPhoton Outdoor Hybrid Fiber Jumpers feature single-mode fiber type, 1 - 4 fiber count, LC duplex uniboot, and two 14, 8, or 6 AWG conductors. They come with variable breakout lengths, while the standard is a 30-inch breakout at one end and a 30-inch breakout at the other. These shielded cables are 100% tested from the factory and brilliantly resist ultraviolet radiation. ViaPhoton Outdoor Hybrid Fiber Jumpers are available in a bountiful range of lengths from 80ft. to 460ft. You can buy them in either feet or meters. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of ViaPhoton, offering its certified Outdoor Hybrid Fiber Jumper at the best prices.

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