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6GHz Experimental

License Promotion

We will pay for your 6GHz Experimental License Coordination for all your Access Points and CPEs!

Cambium Networks

6GHz Fixed Wireless Access

When the FCC opens the 6 GHz spectrum for fixed wireless access (FWA) outdoor use in 2023, we’ll see an explosion in deployments of fixed wireless broadband (FWB) gear in that band across the US, as service providers and private network operators will increasingly adopt this technology to deliver better customer experiences and the fastest speeds. Right now, the FCC is issuing experimental licenses to enable service providers to be ready when the full spectrum becomes available.

Cambium Networks Delivers Industry’s First 6 GHz Full Spectrum Solution Expanding Fixed Wireless Broadband with Gbps
Subscriber Speeds to Cost Effectively Bridge the Digital Divide.

Broadband Service Providers in the USA Can Be at the Head of the Line for Offering 6 GHz Outdoor Fixed Wireless
with Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks

ePMP 4600 6 GHz
Access Point series

The ePMP 4600 6 GHz Access Point series is the fourth generation based on 802.11ax technology. Featuring 4×4 MU-MIMO and dual overlapping sectors, the ePMP 4600 can transmit to two SMs at the same time. This effectively doubles the capacity of 2×2 systems and in the process, increases link budgets by 3 dB with downlink beam steering. Combining 160 MHz channels, 4096 QAM and OFDMA the ePMP 4600 delivers up to 4 Gbps total aggregate capacity to as many as 120 subscribers.

Key Specifications

 High-performance, scalable, and reliable access points for fixed wireless broadband

 Features MU-MIMO for up to 4 Gbps in 6 GHz

 Low TCO with three-year hardware warranty

 Interoperable with all Force 4600 radios

 Cloud or on-premises network management with cnMaestro

There are many ways to obtain an FCC 6GHz Experimental License.

  Option 1

You can hire an attorney to complete the coordination and paperwork with the FCC. The fees for this service range from $3,000-$5,000.

  Option 2

Another option is the paperwork yourself or hiring someone to fill out the forms for your company. There is much room for error this route and might require a few different times before it is accepted by the FCC.

  Option 3

Purchase one of the Cambium 6GHz Bundles from ISP Supplies and get the 6GHz licensing included for Free!

We will pay for your 6GHz Experimental License Coordination for all your Access Points and CPEs!

You heard that right. Save yourself the headaches of paperwork or having to hire an attorney to file for your
Experimental License.

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