WIFI Range Extenders

Bring dead zones to life with featureful Wi-Fi Range Extenders that are built for seamless whole-home coverage, including streaming, gaming, and browsing. High-speed dual-band Wi-Fi Range Extender strengthens and expands your router’s signals and achieves speeds of 300 - 800Mbps (over 2.4GHz) and 433 - 2402Mbps (over 5GHz). It supports 802.11ac and features a WPS button for fast encryption or a Pair button for a more secure network. It comes with an Intelligent Signal light that helps you find the perfect location to install the range extender and antennas for optimal Wi-Fi coverage. The Wi-Fi extension for up to 14,000 sq. ft. Wi-Fi coverage feature 4x4 MU-MIMO and beamforming technology. The compact extenders also feature access point mode, adaptive path selection, ultra-low latency, and Ethernet ports. You can manage these Wi-Fi Range Extenders with Tether app.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of TP-LINK, and other leading manufacturers, offering their certified Wi-Fi Range Extenders at the best value.