Direct Attach SFP Cables

High-quality Direct Attach SFP Cables are masterfully designed for applications that include hassle-free connection of two SFP/SFP+ devices that are co-located within a rack or adjacent racks. The new direct-attach, up to 5m long flexible copper cables capable of up to 40Gpbs throughput, support SFP 1G and SFP + 10G, besides they can support 25G SFP28 standard as well

while providing low power, low latency and fairly cost-effective interconnect solution for 25-G Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and other industry standards and are fully conform to the SFP+ MSA specifications. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Mikrotik, Ubiquiti Networks and other leading manufacturers offering their certified Featured Items at the best and budget-friendly prices.

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UACC-DAC-SFP28-3MUbiquiti Networks 25 Gbps Direct Attach Cable 3 meter
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UACC-DAC-SFP10-3MUbiquiti Networks 10 Gbps SFP+ Direct Attach Cable 3 meter
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UACC-DAC-SFP10-1MUbiquiti Networks 10 Gbps SFP+ Direct Attach Cable 1 meter
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R9D20AAruba Instant On 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 3m Direct Attach Copper Cable
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R9D19AAruba Instant On 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 1m Direct Attach Copper Cable
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XQ+DA0001MikroTik 100 Gbps QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable
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XQ+BC0003-XS+MikroTik XQ+BC0003-XS+ Break-out Cable
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TL-SM5220-3MTP-Link 3 Meters 10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable
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TL-SM5220-1MTP-Link 1 Meter 10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable
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UC-DAC-SFP28Ubiquiti Unifi SFP28 Direct Attach Copper Cable SFP28 to SFP28 25Gbps 0.5m
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UC-DAC-SFP+Ubiquiti Direct Attach Copper Cable, SFP+, 10Gbps, 0.5 meter
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Q+BC0003-S+MikroTik Q+BC0003-S+ 40 Gbps QSFP+ brake-out cable to 4x10G SFP+ 3m
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S+AO0005MikroTik S+AO0005 SFP-10G-AOC5M SFP+ Active Optical Cable 5m
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