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PS-24V-0.8A24V 0.8A Switching Power Adapter
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  • SKU: PS-24V-0.8A
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5V 1A EU Power SupplyISP Supplies 5V 1A EU Power Supply
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  • SKU: 5V 1A EU Power Supply
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PW-IM065B-1Y240MikroTik 40W-65W Medical Power Supply Open Frame
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  • SKU: PW-IM065B-1Y240
PoE Injector 24V 502-00025Mimosa Gigabit Power over Ethernet Injector 24V, 0.5A, 12W
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  • SKU: PoE Injector 24V 502-00025
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PS-24V-.38AISP Services 24V .38A Power Supply
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  • SKU: PS-24V-.38A
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POE24V1AG (Adaptor)24V 1A Gigabit Poe Injector (Adaptor Only)
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  • SKU: POE24V1AG (Adaptor)
NMC-9D-USBSpecial Mini USB A/B on one end and 9 pin female D connector
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