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KAM Fabrication TS-8-PRO Rackmount

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Ubiquiti NanoBridge-5G22-125.gif

Ubiquiti NanoBridge-5G25

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Ubiquiti airFiber 5

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WaveGuard OE-411S

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WaveGuard WG-NSL

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WaveGuard WG-Pigtail Cover

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WaveGuard CPE Shield for MikroTik QRT Radios

WaveGuard WG-QRT

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WaveGuard WG-SXT CPE Shield for MikroTik

WaveGuard WG-SXT

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Thank you for shopping at ISP Supplies. Our company was built by WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) for WISPs, and we understand the challenges of starting a WISP or even growing your existing wireless Internet service company.


Our staff is technical and knowledgeable and we support the products we sell. We can help you design a start-up WISP or grow your existing business through design, training, and technical support.


ISP Supplies offers a wide variety of products by manufacturers we have hand picked based on value and reliability. From MikroTik to Ubiquiti, and RF Elements to KAM Fabrication, we offer you a one-stop-shop experience with excellent customer service and support you should expect each time you order products from us.

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Please let me know if I can assist you in any way. We value your business and we will never take that relationship for granted.

Steve Discher
Founder - ISP Supplies

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