PMP 450V Series

Experience the pinnacle of connectivity with Cambium Networks 450 PMP Distribution PMP 450V Series- where high-performance meets unrivaled quality, engineered to provide seamless connectivity in business and residential applications. Cambium’s 6 GHz PMP 450V 4x4 integrated access point 90 degree FCC bestows its users with terrific performance. It also extends the life of deployed PMP 450 gear and operates from 5.15 to 7.125 GHz. This awesome PMP 450V Series 4x4 MIMO AP is future-proof and features backward and forward compatibility, ultra-wide-band support (up to 2x 100 MHz channels), 5 GHz to 7 GHz support in the same hardware, frequency flexibility, and carrier aggregation. Apart from that, the PMP 450V Series6 GHz 4x4 fixed wireless subscriber module (radio only), operating from 5.15 to 7.125 GHz, can be deployed as a PTP (Point-to-Point) backhaul link. For these 450V radios, we have mechanical dish assemblies, which you can buy as an add-on. The sturdy 450 PMP Distribution dish assemblies are available in 4-pack bulk packaging and are priced per unit. ISP Supplies is offering a certified range of Cambium Networks PMP 450V Series.

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N000045L003ACambium GPS Active Antenna Kit with Mount
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College Station
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  • SKU: N000045L003A
N060045D401ACambium 6 GHz 450v 4x4 BH-SM Mechanical Dish Assembly, 4-pack, priced per unit
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College Station
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  • SKU: N060045D401A
C060045C401ACambium 6 GHz 450v 4x4 SM – Radio Only 6 GHz 450v 4x4 SM – Radio Only 4-pack priced per unit
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College Station
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  • SKU: C060045C401A
C060045A402ACambium 6 GHz 450v 4x4 Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree - FCC
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College Station
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  • SKU: C060045A402A