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Ubiquiti Networks AF11 Complete Low-Band Kit

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  • Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks
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Product Information

Ubiquiti Networks AF11-Complete-LB

AF11 Complete Low-Band Kit

Includes: (1) AF-11FX, (1) AF-11G35, and (1) AF-11FX-DUP-L. 2 Kits needed to make a link

Ubiquiti Networks continues to disrupt the wireless broadband market with revolutionary technology at breakthrough pricing, by introducing the airFiber® AF-11FX, a radio purpose-built for outdoor PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls using the licensed 11 GHz radio band. The AF-11FX breaks free from the congested 5 GHz band to help meet the growing need for broadband capacity. For maximum flexibility, the airFiber AF-11FX works with the Ubiquiti® AF-11G35 antenna.

The AF-11FX gives exceptional performance compared to other 11 GHz radios in its price range. Unlike other products that use adaptations of Wi-Fi-based designs, the AF-11FX is specially engineered for the 11 GHz band, with a custom modem and radio design optimized for the efficient transport of data.

Each AF-11FX radio can be configured to support any allowable frequency by simply changing the duplexers for high-band or low-band use in the 10.7 - 11.7 GHz allocation. Each duplexer has a low channel and a high channel that can be configured by simply reversing the position of the duplexer.

Ubiquiti offers the AF-11G35 antenna, specially designed for the AF-11FX radio, so that installation requires no special tools. The AF-11G35 comes preconfigured with V/H polarization, and can be configured to support ± 45° slant polarization for improved noise immunity and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), dependent on regulatory region. The AF-11G35 offers up to 35 dBi of gain.


  • Full duplex point-to-point radio
  • 11 GHz frequency operation
  • Up to 1.2+ Gbps throughput
  • Includes one low-band duplexer for SISO mode (MIMO mode requires an optional second duplexer)
  • Integrates with AF-11G35 11 GHz antenna
  • Supports separate TX/RX frequencies
  • Accepts PoE or DC power


FCC-Complete Link LicensingFCC-Mimosa 11 Ghz
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AF-11-DUP-LUbiquiti airFiber 11 Low Band Duplexer Accessory
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College Station
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