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All partners in program enter at this level and receive many partner benefits

ConnectedPartner Plus:

Move up to the CP+ level by reaching growth goals and receive additional partner benefits

Program Requirements Overview

RequirementConnectedPartnerConnectedPartner Plus
Accept Partner Program Terms & Conditions
Meet Minimum Revenue ThresholdNone
Sales-Out Data (for special pricing)
Adhere to Maximum Discount Policy,
Advertised Price Policy, & Internet
Advertising Policy

Program Benefits Overview

RequirementConnectedPartnerConnectedPartner Plus
Baseline Product DiscountGoodBetter
Deal Registration
Market Development FundsPartners with certifications are eligible for up to 50% reimbursement; all
other partners are eligible for up to 25% reimbursement. Please review
MDF Guidelines.
Demo Gear/Not for ResaleDouble NFR!
Qualified Leads for Certified Partners
FREE Virtual Sales Training
FREE Virtual Technical Training
Partner Portal Access
Co-Branded Email Templates
Co-Branded Collateral
Co-Branded Collateral
Exclusive Social Media Groups
Sales Tools
Marketing Resources
Channel Communications
FREE Outdoor & Wi-Fi Planning Tools
Product/Software Downloads
Cambium Community

Partner Portal – Your One-Stop Shop

  • Program Information
  • Deal Registration
  • Market Development Funds
  • Demo Gear/Not for Resale
  • Content Library
  • Marketing Resources
  • Cambium Contacts & Resources So Much More!

First Thing to Do in the Portal

Go to the Learning Tracks menu
  • Learn about Cambium Networks
  • Learn about our partner programs
  • Find Cambium learning resources for sales and technical training
  • Get marketing tips and resources

Marketing Resources

Content & Resources Brochures, spec sheets, case studies, images, and much more!

Co-branded collateral & Email Templates Add your logo and contact info right in the portal!

Social media tips/tricks & Cambium weekly posts

Events/webinar best practices

How to build a Cambium microsite on your website

New resources added weekly!


  • Partner-exclusive webinars
  • Public webinars
  • Partner-hosted events
  • Trade shows
  • Roadshows/Seminars
  • Training.

ConnectedPartner Program for Value-Added Resellers and System Integrators:

The Cambium Networks ConnectedPartner program enables our channel partners to better respond to today’s evolving marketplace. The program consists of two levels: ConnectedPartner (CP) and ConnectedPartner Plus (CP+). When partners reach the CP+ level, they receive additional benefits. Additionally, see page 2 for our vertical market programs. Members of these programs receive additional benefits. Together, we’ll provide customers with innovative wireless broadband solutions that enable better information, better decisions, and better results. We hope you’ll take advantage of all the program has to offer your business.


Terms & Conditions

To participate in the program, the partner must accept the program Terms & Conditions (T&Cs), which is a non-negotiable, click-through agreement on the partner portal upon first login. The T&Cs may be updated periodically, requiring reacceptance. The T&Cs are available on the partner portal.

Minimum Revenue Threshold:

ConnectedPartner Level: No minimum revenue threshold or growth goal requirements.

ConnectedPartner Plus Level:Partners must meet a growth goal to attain this level as well as to retain the level each year.Each month, Cambium will review partner sales to determine if the growth goal was reached. If the requirement is met, then the partner will be notified of the upgrade to the CP+ level. At the beginning of each new year, we will reassess partner sales to determine the ConnectedPartner level for the year.

Sales Out Data:

In cases of any special pricing, deal registration, promotions, etc., partners must provide sales-out data to the Cambium Distributor they order from. Partners must report sales-out data to distributor in order for Cambium to accurately manage partner level designations.

Maximum Discount (Floor Price) Policy:

Partners should familiarize themselves with and follow Cambium’s Maximum Discount Policy (MDP), which sets a floor price for specific products.

Advertised Price Policy (Minimum Advertised Price/MAP):

Partners may advertise only MSRP, applicable Cambium-sponsored promotions, or e-commerce MAP (minimum advertised price), if applicable, on public websites. Any other discounted pricing, in line with Cambium’s Maximum Discount Policy (floor price), may be advertised only on the password protected side of a partner’s web commerce site.

Internet Advertising Policy

If a partner advertises other manufacturers/partners, it must also advertise Cambium Networks. Cambium allows partners to sell on their own internet site as well as third-party sites, such as Amazon. You are required to follow our E-commerce guidelines.

*See Deal Registration Guidelines, NFR Guidelines, and MDF Guidelines for details on each program.
**Certified partners will be given priority for qualified lead distribution.

Baseline Product Discount:

All partners receive applicable baseline product discounts. Additional deal registration discount may also apply. download the discount-by-product matrix in the ConnectedPartner Program Playbook.

Deal Registration:

Approved deals are protected. Cambium technical certification or vertical market program membership can improve deal registration discount. Review the Deal Registration Program Guidelines.

Certified Partner: Qualified Leads:

Technically certified partners are eligible to receive qualified leads from Cambium Networks.

Market Development Funds (MDF):

Partners may apply for MDF in the portal. Review the Market Development Funds Program Guidelines.

Not for Resale/NFR Program:

Partners can purchase NFR products for demonstration/training purposes at a substantial discount. Review the NFR Program Guidelines.

FREE Virtual Sales & Technical Training:

Partners get free online sales and technical courses and certification exams in Cambium Learning.

Partner Portal Access

Access the password-protected Partner Portal, featuring sales and marketing tools, product information, program guidelines, and much more.

FREE Co-branded Collateral & Email Templates:

Easily add your company logo and contact information to brochures, solution papers, email templates, etc., right in the Partner Portal.

Partner Exclusive Webinars:

Attend partner-exclusive webinars about Cambium products, programs, etc. Visit the portal Calendar.

Partner Exclusive Social Media Group Membership:

Join the ConnectedPartner LinkedIn and/or Facebook groups to learn about Cambium marketing resources, exclusive webinars, new product information, and more!

Sales Tools & Marketing Resources:

Access sales guides, solution papers, case studies, brochures, slide decks, etc., in Content & Resources on the Partner Portal. Playbooks offer groups of marketing resources for various topics as well.


Drive revenue through special solution promotions and incentive programs, where available. Resources can be found in the Promotions Playbook.

Partner Exclusive Channel Communications:

Don’t miss out on product updates, new promotions, and program news! Sign up for channel notices to receive Product Marketing Bulletins, partner webinar invitations, and more.

FREE Outdoor & Wi-Fi Planning Tools:

  • LINKPlanner:Quickly design networks for optimal deployment and cost effectiveness.
  • Wi-Fi Designer:Design effective Wi-Fi networks that meets user demand and work in your unique environment
  • TCO Profiler: Create a benefit analysis to competitive solutions to help you demonstrate value and close deals

Additional software tools can be found on our website.

Product Downloads/Software Releases:

Access and download product information/software releases easily from the Cambium Support site.

Cambium Community Participation:

Communicate with 35,000+ customers and peers in the Community.