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Predictive WiFi Modeling: Setting a New Quality Standard for WiFi

Stop guessing and start seeing.

For business and leisure travelers, access to High Speed reliable Wi-Fi is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel. If the consumer can't stream a move on their tablet while checking email and browsing the web on a laptop, they typically consider the WiFi services unusable. Consequently, if the Wi-Fi quality does not meet the expectations of the guests, it can have a negative effect on their overall satisfaction and reviews of the hotel or venue.

For integrators, working under tight budgets with fixed price quotations, the success or failure of a WiFi network is often not determined until the network is bid, bought and installed and often times then it is too late.

The consumer has an expectation for WiFi performance that can often be impossible to meet using the "place it and hope" method of WiFi design and Access Point placement. In an effort to help our customers intelligently plan, bid and deploy custom WiFi solutions in hospitality venues, homes and offices, ISP Supplies is pleased to offer our WiFi Predictive modeling services using state of the art predictive modeling and site survey software with manufacturer specific Access Point data. 



Here is how it works:

  1. 1. Open a ticket for a new WiFi project by emailing the details of your project to support@ispsupplies.com. Include a scale floor plan in PDF or CAD format.
  2. 2. Our WiFi engineers will evaluate the scope of work and respond with any questions or a timeline to completion.
  3. 3. Pay a refundable fee of $100 to get a predictive heat map of the property, a channelization map and exact placement for all the AP devices required.
  4. 4. Place an order with ISP Supplies for the job, and get a $100 credit back on your order.

Applications: Hotels, Indoor Venues, Outdoor Venues, Churches, Schools, Homes, Offices, or any place users need reliable High Speed WiFI and you as an integrator need a competitive advantage over other bidders for the project.

So, stop guessing at AP placement and reduce your losses on WiFi installations as well as customer complaints by engineering your installations before they begin. Our services will save you money and improve your customer satisfaction while increasing your efficiency. 

Submit your first design today by emailing support@ispsupplies.com. We look forward to serving you!

To get started please process your Predictive Wifi Modeling Design deposit of $100.
($100 credit will be applied to your equipment order)

Predictive Wifi Modeling Design Deposit