ePMP 4600

Cambium Networks'6GHz high-performance and scalable 6GHz Access Points feature MU-MIMO for up to 4 Gbps and low TCO. Its reliable Subscriber Modules for PTP and PMP fixed wireless broadband applications provide high capacity and low latency. The APs and SMs offer a three-year hardware warranty. Cambium Networks 6GHz Dish Antennas are durable, convenient to mount and feature increased gain. Besides, its 6GHz Sector Antennas with mounting kit maximize ePMP performance.

ISP Supplies is offering certified Cambium Networks 6GHz at budget-friendly prices.

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C060045C401ACambium 6 GHz 450v 4x4 SM – Radio Only 6 GHz 450v 4x4 SM – Radio Only 4-pack priced per unit
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C060045A402ACambium 6 GHz 450v 4x4 Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree - FCC
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C068940A152ACambium ePMP 4600L 6 GHz 2x2 Access Point Radio (FCC/IC) (US cord)
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N000940L001ACambium ePMP USB GPS Puck kit
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C060900D021ACambium ePMP 6 GHz 2x2 Dish Antenna (Priced individually sold as 2 pack)
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C060940D301ACambium ePMP 4x4 6GHz MU-MIMO Sector Antenna with Mounting Kit
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C068940C122BCambium ePMP 6 GHz Force 4600C SM Radio (FCC/IC) (US Cord)
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C068940M142ACambium ePMP 6 GHz Force 4625 SM (FCC/IC) Priced single, sold as 4 pack (US Cord)
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C068940A122BCambium ePMP 4600 6 GHz 4x4 Access Point Radio (FCC/IC) (US cord)
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