LSO Enclosure Accessories

Highly reliable LSO Enclosure Accessories are constructed to work with indoor and outdoor rack enclosures or cabinets. The 100 - 150Watt Fan Heater with an adjustable thermostat maintains minimum operating temperatures in enclosures and aids in preventing the failure of electronic components. These heaters enable you to put the heat where it’s required and enhance heat transfer, speed warm-ups, and decrease wattage needs.

LightSaber’s 2/4RU 19” wall mount rack bracket which is made of durable cold-rolled steel, meets EIA-310 19” rack standards, offers a budget-friendly and space-saving solution for IT and AV equipment, and comes with cage screws and nuts for mounting equipment to the rack. The bracket works perfectly with almost every 19” rack-mountable equipment and mounts smoothly to walls, desks, and other vertical surfaces. Additionally, its 1U 18” rack mount fixed shelf with 110 capacity stores and organizes non-rack mountable equipment. Besides, the 6” welded plinth robustly supports outdoor cabinets on the ground and comes with mounting screws or bolts. Other accessories include keys and 6/10/12U 19” rack mount rails (mounting screws included) for wall/pole mount outdoor cabinets and battery boxes. ISPSupplies is a certified distributor of LightSaber, offering its certified LSO Enclosure Accessories at the best prices.

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LSO-2UDR12LightSaber 2U Din Rail Mount Adjustable Bracket 12 Inch Depth, RAL9005 Black color
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LSO-HINGE-600600DHPMLightSaber Optics Replacement Hinge for LSO-12UOD-600600-DHPM
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LSO-CamLockLightSaber Optics LSO-CamLock, Cam lock for LSO-xxOD-PM series
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LSO-FANHEATER-150WLightSaber Optics 150 Watt Fan Heater 110 Volt w/ Thermostat
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LSO-WM2UVLightsaber 2RU 19 inch Steel Vertical Indoor Enclosure Wall Mount Bracket
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LSO-WM4UVLightSaber 4U 19in Steel Vertical Wall Mount Equipment Rack Bracket-12in Deep
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LSO-KEY2-WMDLightSaber Optics Keys for INDOOR Wall Mount Cabinet, 2pcs per set
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COLDCOLDSHRINK-MASTIC-1278MDNHigh Performance Cold Shrink Tube with Mastic
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LSO-RAILKITS-10ULightSaber 10U 19inch Rack Mount L-shaped Rails, Suitable for LSO-12UOD-600450-2BAT-PM Outdoor Cabinet
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LSO-RAILKITS-12ULightSaber 12U 19inch Rack Mount Rails, Suitable for Wall Mount or Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinet
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LSO-RAILKITS-6ULightSaber 6U 19inch Rack Mount Rails, Suitable for Wall Mount or Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinet
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LSO-KEY2-WMLightSaber Optics Keys for NEMA 4X Rated Wallmount/Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinet, 2pcs per set
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LSO-KEY2-ACLightSaber Keys for NEMA 4X Rated Air-conditioner Outdoor Cabinet and Battery Box, 2pcs per set
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LSO-BATSHELFLightSaber Optics 1U Fixed Battery Shelf, Compatible with 23.6“ Deep Outdoor Enclosure, Grey Color
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