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Siklu Link Budget Calculator

The link budget calculator predicts link availability for a Siklu link in a given location. Predictions are displayed for all supported modulations (capacities).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The details in this link budget calculator are for informational purposes only. Actual performance may vary. Siklu shall not be held responsible for any calculation or performance based on this calculator.

Link Budget Calculator

About Siklu

Siklu was formed in 2008, and has quickly established itself as a leading IT infrastructure company in USA. Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Siklu has deployed over 85,000 units in 200+ cities and holds 40+ product patents. The company`s primary aim is to bring scalability in IT projects and provide cost effective solutions to clients for easy deployment and flawless, consistent performance.

ISP supplies, being Siklu`s online distributer offers the EtherHaul Hundred Series, EtherHaul Kilo Series and the MultiHaul PtMP Series. Find out more about what is offered, and shop for your desired requirement.