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MikroTik RouterOS Licenses

We are pleased to offer instant MikroTik RouterOS licenses from our license server. To reduce fraudulent transactions, all instant licenses must be purchased using a PayPal aaccount from your payPal balance. We provide three different MikroTik RouterOS licenses.

Product Description

MikroTik Licenses can be used to license an installation of RouterOS on an X86 based PC or to increase the functionality of a RouterBoard.

Mikrotik Licenses

  • Never expire
  • Are upgradeable to the next major release
  • Include free email technical support from MikroTik
  • Are issued instantly from our license server, no waiting!

To purchase a license instantly, fill out the form below.

Licensing a "Cracked" Version of RouterOS

Note: There are some "cracked" versions of RouterOS on the web for free download. If you attempt to license one of these versions, the key will not be valid and there is no refund.  Instead, export your configuration to a text file. Download a legitimate copy of RouterOS and license it here.  Then, import your configuration.

Some examples of these cracked software ID's are W5EY-LHT9, and 1L55-LZZJ.  These are illegal versions and can not be licensed.  

License Levels and Features





 Cost $43.00 $89.00 $188.00
 Upgradable To  ROS v6.x ROS v6.x ROS v6.x
 Initial Config Support 15 Days 30 Days 30 Days
 Wireless AP yes yes yes
 Wireless Client and Bridge yes yes yes
 RIP, OSPF, BGP protocols yes yes yes
 EoIP Tunnels unlimited unlimited unlimited
 PPPoE Tunnels


 500 unlimited
 PPTP Tunnels


 500 unlimited
 L2TP Tunnels


 500 unlimited
 OVPN Tunnels


 unlimited unlimited
 VLAN Interfaces unlimited unlimited unlimited
 HotSpot Active Users


 500 unlimited
 Radius Client yes yes yes
 Queues unlimited unlimited unlimited
 Web Proxy yes yes yes
 Synchronous Interfaces yes yes yes
 User manager active sessions 20 50 unlimited

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3 Products

3 Products

ControllerLvl6MikroTik Level 6 Controller License
In Stock
  • SKU: ControllerLvl6
ControllerLvl5MikroTik Level 5 WISP AP License
In Stock
  • SKU: ControllerLvl5
ControllerLvl4MikroTik Level 4 WISP License
In Stock
  • SKU: ControllerLvl4