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Digital Loggers Ethernet Sender

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Digital Loggers Ethernet Sender

Directly control any DLI power switch from any hardware device. This stand-alone hardware unit connects via LAN or WAN to any DLI rack-mount power switch, Web Power Switch, or DIN relay, remotely controlling up to 8 devices based on 8 input signals.

Automated IP Remote control - across the lab or around the world.

Save time. Save power. Switch radios, servers, HVAC, lighting, even industrial machinery via Ethernet. Monitor device status via the web. Customize the web pages and function of each device.

Universal voltage or dry-contact switch inputs

Inputs can be controlled by virtually any hardware including:

  • Dry Contacts: Switches, thermostats, level sensors, access control, alarms or environmental sensors
  • Equipment: Motors, relays, process control, building automation or alarm enunciators
  • Voltage Sources: AC/ DC voltage sources like power supplies, IT or laboratory equipment