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The finest quality MikroTik Accessories are built for MikroTik products.

The extra durable pole/wall-mount Adapter for small to large PtP and sector antennas allows turning antennas within 190⁰, both in the horizontal and vertical plane. The 2.4-5.8GHz Omni Antenna comes with cables and connectors, and the Direct Attach Cable does not only support SFP 1G and SFP+ 10G but also 25G SFP28 standard.

MikroTik’s passive PoE Injector with surge protection and new 1P67 weatherproof enclosure protects antennas, switches and power antennas. It reduces the number of wires that lead up the tower. It also comes with a wall-attachable enclosure and powers your uplink devices with PoE power. Besides, we have 24/48V heavy-duty switching Power Supplies with a 2.1mm DC plug and two 12V hot-swap dual redundant Power Supplies Kits – so if one goes out of order, the other one will take over. Other accessories are a 24V internal power supply, 12v open frame power supply for -48V telecom power, GPS antenna, hot-swap fan, optical module, USB cable, pigtail, bracket, cable assembly, rack mount kit, mounting device, radome cover, and more. ISP Supplies is offering certified MikroTik Accessories at great prices.

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SXTsq-mountMikroTik SXTsq mount
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College Station
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  • SKU: SXTsq-mount
US$‎8.73 US$‎9.00
Inclusive of US$0.38 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
FTC11XGMikroTik SFP+ RJ45 10 Gigabit Ethernet DC Jack & 802.3 af/at/bt 43-57 V PoE-In
9 in stock
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9 In stock
  • SKU: FTC11XG
APA-1MikroTik Automotive Power Adapter
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  • SKU: APA-1
US$‎28.13 US$‎29.00
RMK-2/10MikroTik 1U Dual or 10’’ Rackmount kit
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  • SKU: RMK-2/10
US$‎8.73 US$‎9.00
MT13-052400-U15BGMikroTik hAP ax lite Power Adapter 5V 2.4A 12W USB power supply for hAP ax lite, Type A (US) plug
40 in stock
College Station
40 In stock
  • SKU: MT13-052400-U15BG
US$‎8.73 US$‎9.00
Inclusive of US$1.25 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
100 in stock
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100 In stock
US$‎4.85 US$‎5.00
MT-HotSwapFanMikroTik MT-HotSwapFan
42 in stock
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42 In stock
  • SKU: MT-HotSwapFan
US$‎37.83 US$‎39.00
G1040A-60WFMikroTik Hot Swap 12V 60W power supply for CCR2004-16G-2S+
21 in stock
College Station
21 In stock
  • SKU: G1040A-60WF
Inclusive of US$8.75 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
PW-IM065B-1Y240MikroTik 40W-65W Medical Power Supply Open Frame
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  • SKU: PW-IM065B-1Y240
ACSMAUFLMikroTik ACSMAUFL U.fl - SMA female pigtail for wAP R
7 in stock
College Station
7 In stock
US$‎8.73 US$‎9.00
SR-10UMikroTik 19” 10U Desktop Rack Holder
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  • SKU: SR-10U
US$‎47.53 US$‎49.00
K-79MikroTik RB5009/L009 Rackmount Kit K-79
58 in stock
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58 In stock
  • SKU: K-79
US$‎6.79 US$‎7.00
GESPMikroTik GESP Surge Protector in IP67 waterproof enclosure
1041 in stock
College Station
1041 In stock
Inclusive of US$5.00 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
GESP+POE-INMikroTik Passive Gigabit PoE Injector with Surge Protection, Indoor Enclosure
154 in stock
College Station
154 In stock
Inclusive of US$2.38 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
MTP250-53V47-ODMikroTik Outdoor AC/DC power supply with 53V 250W output
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  • SKU: MTP250-53V47-OD
Inclusive of US$17.50 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
MTP250-26V94-ODMikroTik Outdoor AC/DC power supply with 26V 250W output
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  • SKU: MTP250-26V94-OD
Inclusive of US$17.50 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
SAW30-240-1200GR2AMikroTik 24v 1.2A power supply with right angle plug
6 in stock
College Station
6 In stock
  • SKU: SAW30-240-1200GR2A
US$‎11.64 US$‎12.00
Inclusive of US$1.75 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
SAW30-240-1200GAMikroTik 24v 1.2A power supply with straight plug
30 in stock
College Station
30 In stock
  • SKU: SAW30-240-1200GA
US$‎11.64 US$‎12.00
Inclusive of US$1.75 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
GPEN11GPEN GPEN11 12-57 V PoE power injector
27 in stock
College Station
27 In stock
  • SKU: GPEN11
US$‎13.58 US$‎14.00
nRayAIM-DH1MikroTik nRayAIM-DH1 Mount
38 in stock
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38 In stock
  • SKU: nRayAIM-DH1
US$‎4.85 US$‎5.00
GPEN21MikroTik GPEN21 PoE injector with SFP
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  • SKU: GPEN21
US$‎38.80 US$‎40.00
MT48-480095-11DGMikroTik MT48-480095-11DG 48 V, 0.95 A power supply for long Ethernet cable runs
23 in stock
College Station
23 In stock
  • SKU: MT48-480095-11DG
US$‎11.64 US$‎12.00
Inclusive of US$2.00 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
MT48-570080-11DGMikroTik MT48-570080-11DG 57 V, 0.8 A power supply for long Ethernet cable runs
16 in stock
College Station
16 In stock
  • SKU: MT48-570080-11DG
US$‎11.64 US$‎12.00
Inclusive of US$2.00 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
GPeR-IP67-CaseMikroTik GPeR-IP67-Case Outdoor Housing for GPeR IP67 Units
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  • SKU: GPeR-IP67-Case
US$‎6.79 US$‎7.00