TwistPort Radio Adaptors

Superior performance Twistport Radio Adaptors are compatible with Mimosa, MikroTik, Cambium Networks, and Ubiquiti Networks.
UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic adaptor that covers an ultra-wide frequency range: 5180-6400 MHz lets you switch between H/V and Dual Slant polarization setup. It is equipped with an original quick-locking waveguide port with near-zero loss. Connecting and disconnecting the radio into the TwistPort™ Adaptor is very smooth and requires no tools. Its custom-designed TPA with SMA connectors allows for the best RF performance and minimal RF loss. Its flexible cast aluminum adaptor for RouterBoard provides premium protection in outdoor environments. RF Elements adaptors with a 160km/h wind survival have an increased gain of 18.5 dBi and are compatible with all Twistport antennas.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements offering its certified Twistport Radio Adaptors at the most competitive prices.

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TPA-A5xRF Elements TwistPort Adaptor for Mimosa A5x
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TPA-C5xRF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor for Mimosa C5x
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TPA-ePMPRF Elements TwistPort Adaptor for ePMP1000/CSM/3000L
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TPA-RBPRF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor for RouterBoard RBP
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TPA-RM5RF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor for UBNT Rocket M5
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TPA-SMARF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor with SMA connectors
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TPA-RBCRF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor for RouterBoard
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TP-ADAP-ISRF Elements TwistPort Adaptor For Prismstation 5ac, Isostation 5ac And Isostation M5
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TP-ADAP-e2KRF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor for ePMP2000 AP
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TP-ADAP-C5CRF Elements TwistPort Adaptor for Mimosa C5c
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TP-ADAPTOR-RM5-S-V2RF Elements TwistPortTM Adaptor for UBNT Rocket M5 – Shielded v2
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TP-ADAPTOR-RM5TwistPort Adaptor for Ubiquiti Rocket M5
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TwistPort Radio Adaptor is fully compatible and well-suited for Mikrotik RouterBOARDs. It is the perfect match for 4XX, 7XX, and 9XX series and also for M11 series. Transition to TwistPort ™ waveguide connector is terminated with two MMCX pigtails

Aluminium Enclosure

The cast aluminium is used to design TPA-RBC, and it delivers groundbreaking protection that is very essential when the outdoor environment is concerned.

More Real Estate

TwistPort Radio Adaptor provides more real estate within the enclosure. When constructing or designing your own radio platform is concerned, it can be employed for any supplementary equipment.

More Flexibility

It allows more flexibility to your network and makes it stronger and durable. ISP Supplies is the trustworthy partner of RF-Elements and supplies all kinds of TwistPort Radio Adaptors. Shop TwistPort Radio Adaptor at ISP Supplies.