Dual-Band Access Points (AC)

Superb performance Dual-Band Access Points provide powerful coverage in corporate buildings, dorms, residencies, hotels, campuses, and others.

Mikrotik’s small weatherproof APs with LTE backup and Gigabit Ethernet ports are best for installation outside your house, in the vehicle, or anywhere else where you need a capable wireless connection TP-Link’s elegant Deco delivers Wi-Fi up to 5500 sq.ft. and can keep 100+ devices connected at once.

Ubiquiti compact dual-band access points offer unlimited scalability, and can be configured and managed via an intuitive UniFi Controller Software. Aruba Instant On high-performance APs for homes and growing businesses are built with premium hardware, feature up to 4.8Gbps data rates, and built-in security. Moreover, a 3-pack of Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system connects up to 120 devices, covers up to 4500 sq. ft.

ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Cambium Networks, TP-Link, Ubiquiti Networks, and other leading manufacturers, offering their certified Dual-Band Access Points at affordable prices.

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UK-UltraUbiquiti Swiss Army Knife Ultra
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R9B36AAruba Instant On AP25 Flush Mount Sleeve
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R9B32AAruba Instant On AP25 with 12V/18W Power Adaptor (US) Bundle
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R9B27AAruba Instant On AP25 (US) 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Access Point
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R6P90AAruba Instant On AP22 Flush Mount Sleeve
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R6M49AAruba Instant On AP22 with 12V PSU US Bundle
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R4W01AAruba Instant On AP22 (US) Access Point
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R2X10AAruba Instant On AP17 (US) 2x2 11ac Wave2 Outdoor Access Point
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R2X05AAruba Instant On AP15 (US) 4x4 11ac Wave2 Indoor Access Point
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R2X00AHPE Aruba Instant ON AP12 (US) Wireless Access Point
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R3J25AAruba Instant On AP11D (US) Indoor AP with DC Power Adapter and Cord (NA) Bundle
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R2X15AAruba Instant On AP11D (US) 2x2 11ac Wave2 Desk/Wall Access Point
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R3J21AHPE Aruba Instant ON AP11 (US) Indoor AP with DC Power Adapter and Cord (NA) Bundle
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TL-WA3001TP-Link AX3000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Access Point
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EAP620 HDTP-Link EAP620 HD_V3 AX1800 Ceiling Mount Wi-Fi 6 Access Point
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College Station
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GWN7630LRGrandstream 4x4 802.11ac Wave-2 Outdoor Long-Range Wi-Fi Access Point
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Austin TX
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GWN7630Grandstream 802.11ac Wave-2 4×4:4 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point
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Austin TX
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GWN7615Grandstream 802.11ac Wave-2 3×3:3 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point
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Austin TX
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GWN7605LRGrandstream 802.11ac Wave-2 2x2:2 Wi-Fi Access Point (100+ clients)
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Austin TX
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GWN7605Grandstream 802.11ac Wave-2 2x2:2 Wi-Fi Access Point (100+ clients)
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Austin TX
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GWN7602Grandstream Mid-Tier 2x2 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi AP with Integrated Ethernet Switch
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Austin TX
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