Inch-perfect Cambium cnReach products of incredible quality are ideally designed to provide reliable, secure connectivity to the electric utility, petrochemical, water/wastewater/stormwater, and transportation industries. Cambium cnReach licensed or unlicensed 450 MHz, 700 MHz, or 900 MHz single or dual-radio comes with a rich set of I/O features (2 serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports, and 8 digital/analog I/O pins) along with its accessories including 24VDC AC power supplies (w/ or w/o US line cord) and 400-470 MHz or 3 GHz antenna of adjustable polarization that provides 10-21 dBi of gain.

Their I/O expanders of 8W transmit power (39 dBm) are supported by cnMaestro software and assist the transition from serial to all-IP networks by enabling any of Cambium Networks layer 2 radios such as PTP 670, PTP 450i, and PMP 450i SM's to get the most of the ample I/O capabilities that cnReach brings.

ISP Supplies is offering certified Cambium cnReach products at relatively inexpensive prices.

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NB-N550920B-USCambium Networks N550 900 MHz Dual
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  • SKU: NB-N550920B-US
NB-N550410A-USCambium N550 450 MHz Single
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  • SKU: NB-N550410A-US
3LTE-SM-201-USCambium 3 GHz cnRanger 201 SM, CAT6, 21 dBi (US PSU and AC Line Cord)
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  • SKU: 3LTE-SM-201-US
3LTE-SM-201Cambium 3 GHz cnRanger 201 SM, CAT6, 21 dBi (PSU only)
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  • SKU: 3LTE-SM-201
NB-N500011B-GLCambium N500 AC Power Supply 24 VDC (no line cord)
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  • SKU: NB-N500011B-GL
NB-N500008A-USCambium N500 900 MHz Whip Antenna
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  • SKU: NB-N500008A-US
NB-N500006B-USCambium N500 AC Power Supply 24 VDC with US line cord
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  • SKU: NB-N500006B-US
NB-N500004A-USCambium N500 DIN Rail Mount
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College Station
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  • SKU: NB-N500004A-US
NB-N500003A-USCambium N500 IO Connector, Spare
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  • SKU: NB-N500003A-US
NB-N500002A-USCambium N500 Power Connector, Spare
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  • SKU: NB-N500002A-US