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ISP Supplies offers KP Performance KP Omni Antennas for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

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KPPA-2GHZ-DPOMA-WC-3KP Performance 2 GHz, 13 dBi, H/V Dual Polarization Omni Antenna with Integrated Large Radio Case
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎284.04 US$‎298.99
KP-24-SPOMA12-8-NFKP Performance 2.4 GHz, 8 dBi, Omni Antenna with 12 inch N-Female Connector
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎116.84 US$‎122.99
KP-900-SPOMA-8KP Performance 824–960 MHz, 8dBi, Vertical Pol OMNI Antenna, 1 Port
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎167.19 US$‎175.99
KP-900-DPOMA-45KP Performance 902-928 MHz, Dual Pol, 45 Slant, 2-Port Omni
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎873.05 US$‎919.00
KPPA-5GHZ-DPOMA-MTKP Performance 5 Ghz 13 dBi H/V 2 N female MIMO Omni Antenna with PMP mount & Cables
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US$‎276.44 US$‎290.99
KPPA-5GHZ-DPOMAKP Performance 5 GHz 13 dBi H/V 2 N female MIMO Omni Antenna
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US$‎227.99 US$‎239.99
KPPA-3GHZ-DPOMAKp Performance 3 GHz 13 dBi Dual Pol H/V Omni Antenna
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US$‎240.34 US$‎252.99