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ISP Supplies offers Cambium Networks Cambium Software for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

Cambium Networks provides network management software with private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises deployment options for enterprises and broadband service providers. cnMaestro is a next-generation, cloud-based or on-premises management solution for Cambium’s wireless and wired solutions. It offers elastic scalability and delivers end-to-end, secure network, and wireless lifecycle management with zero-touch provisioning, troubleshooting, and monitoring capabilities.

With Cambium Software, Swift, manage your small business networks on the go. It lets you configure your networks from your phone within a few taps and gives you the most relevant statistics. The massively scalable multi-tenant management platform, XMS-Cloud Management is ultra-simple to use and eliminates on-site system maintenance. This Cambium Software provides zero-touch activation to automated software upgrades, patches, and licenses. It supports Wi-Fi devices, including IoT endpoints, regardless of operating system.

In addition, we have extended warranties and license upgrades for PMP 430, PTP 820, PTP 820G, PTP 650, and PTP 650S.

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EW-E4PT82RC-WWCambium PTP820G RFU-C Extended Warranty, 4 Additional Years
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N000082L028ACambium Networks PTP 820G Act.Key - 2nd Modem Activation
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  • SKU: N000082L028A
SG00PL3023AACambium Upgrade - PMP430 10 to 20 Mbps Throughput Key
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  • SKU: SG00PL3023AA
C000065K056ACambium PTP 650 20 MHz to 45MHz Channel Upgrade License per END
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  • SKU: C000065K056A
C000065K055ACambium PTP 650 10 MHz to 45MHz Channel Upgrade
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  • SKU: C000065K055A
C000065K054ACambium PTP 650 10 MHz to 20MHz Channel Upgrade
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  • SKU: C000065K054A
C000065K051ACambium PTP 650 5/10/15/20 MHz channel
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  • SKU: C000065K051A
C000065K050ACambium PTP 650 5/10 MHz channel (up to 100Mbps)
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  • SKU: C000065K050A
C000065K041ACambium PTP 650S Upgrade Limited Range to Full
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  • SKU: C000065K041A
C000065K040ACambium PTP 650 Precise Network Timing Software
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  • SKU: C000065K040A
C000065K022ACambium PTP 650 Lite 125 - 450Mbps; 1 per ODU
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  • SKU: C000065K022A
C000065K018ACambium PTP 650 128-bit AES Encryption - per ODU
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  • SKU: C000065K018A