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Best-in-class Airspan accessories are smartly created to deliver long-range wireless broadband services to residential or enterprise customers, factory, or commercial applications. Robust performance LTE Outdoor CPE supports advanced Gigabit networking functionalities with uniquely powerful high gain antennas of 17dBi. Its 3 or 4-conductor 14 AWG sturdy VNTC cable is rated to transmit 600V and has a temperature rating of 167° for wet applications and 194° for dry applications.

Other accessories include a connector adapter, AirVelocity suspended ceiling mounting kit, universal pole and wall mounting kit for AirSpeed and AirHarmony, GPS antenna for direct mounting, LTE SIM Type 2FF+3FF+4FF, 30m DC power cable, 3m RF jumper cable, up to 100m full AXS SM fiber cable, 600W switching power supplies, and more! ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Airspan offering its certified Accessories at the best prices.

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HAR40-U-PMK-2 (Discount)Airspan AirHarmony 4000 universal wall & pole mounting kit (Discount)
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CPI-T-1Federated Wireless CPI-T-1 CPI Training
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CON-OCT-DC-PWR-1RAirspan Connector Adapter DC Power (1030)
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82-600-530Showmecables 14 AWG - 3-Conductor - 600V - Stranded Conductor - Shielded -
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ANDFA-FWS-E-250-1CFiber Weatherproofing Shroud FullAXS Sleeve
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CON-ADP-OCT-SFP-1RAirspan Connector Adapter SFP (AirSpeed 1030)
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MySIM-EGF-SIM-T0Airspan LTE SIM Airspan Type 2FF+3FF+4FF
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CON-ADP-OCT-RJ45-1Airspan Connector Adapter RJ45
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AS105-U-PMK-2Airspan AirSpeed 1050 Universal Pole Mounting Kit Long
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CON-ADP-OCT-SFP-1Airspan Connector Adapter SFP
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1/2-3-N-1Airspan RF Jumper Cable 3m
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CBL-SRL-MDIN9-3D-1Airspan Serial debug cable Mini-DIN-9 to 3x D Type
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RF-DIN4-9-M-NTYPE-1.5-1Airspan RF Jumper Cable DIN4.1/9.5 M, N Type M, 1.5m
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PWR-30-INST-2Airspan Type-IC DC Power Cable - 30m
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GPS-ANT-3Airspan GPS Antenna for direct mounting
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HAR40-U-PMK-2Airspan AirHarmony 4000 universal wall & pole mounting kit (including 4 mounting bands)
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ISP Supplies has complete Airspan accessories for WISPs, cable operators, and concerned industries in North America and all over the globe. Airspan’ technologies and LTE solutions have revolutionized the WISP communities and other operators. Airspan accessories contain direct mounting and short cables, serial debug cable, mounting kits, Airspan LTE sim, Airspan AirHarmony, Jumper cables, Airspan magic box gen 2, fiber cables, and several other products are in our stock. Shop Airspan accessories from ISP Supplies’ warehouse.