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We have so affordable yet so reliable, high-quality products in Mimosa Networks’ Promotions. The antennas are lightweight and deliver world-class noise rejection and long-distance performance with wideband 4.9 – 6.4 GHz operation for fixed wireless broadband. These 4-port, beamforming antennas with a 43 dB amazing front-to-back ratio are custom-engineered to serve a number of multipoint applications. The Mimosa Promotions antennas are compatible with 4x4 MIMO Mimosa A5c access points as well as third-party radios. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Mimosa Networks, offering its certified Promotion products at excellent prices.

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N5-45x4 100-00084Mimosa N5-45x4 22dBi, 4.9-6.4 GHz, four-port Beamforming 45-degree sector antenna
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  • SKU: N5-45x4 100-00084
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