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State-of-the-art technology Network Test Equipment is smartly built for ease in testing wire, cable, and fiber. Innovative cable testers use TDR to measure cable length, while tone and probe kit for data, telephone, and Coax cable tracing, traces all types of copper cables. Its SecuriTEST IP connects to digital/IP, analog, and HD Coax CCTV systems using RJ45, Wi-Fi, or BNC ports, besides the new SIGNALTEK 10G measures max bandwidth up to 10 Gb/s, and eliminates PoE guesswork up to 90W. The powerful certifiers test and save a Cat6A link in 7s and certify links up to Cat8.1/8.2, and PoE PRO Tester supports PoE up to 90W (PoE++) and tests all PoE Classes (0-8) and Types (af/at/bt). Hand-held visual fault finder accepts ST, SC, and FC optical connectors. On top of that, ISP Supplies PoE tester detects and displays all popular PoE standards including the IEEE standards (802.3af/at/bt). ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Go Simply Connect and other leading manufacturers offering their certified Network Test Equipment at the most reasonable prices.

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ST-180000SimplyTest Tone and Probe Kit for Data Cable Tracing
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ST-171000SimplyTest SecuriTEST IP Digital/Analog/HD Coax CCTV Tester
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ST-157003SimplyTest SignalTEK 10G PRO with Fiber and Networking Testing
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ST-158004SimplyTest PoE PRO Verifier VDV II Voice, Data and Video Tester with 2.9" Large Backlight Display
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ST-158000SimplyTest VDV II Voice, Data and Video Cable Verifier with Wiremap
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ST-LT43000SSimplyTest LanTEK IV-S 3000MHz (with PL/CH Adapters) and Sapphire Care
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ST-LT4500SSimplyTest LanTEK IV-S 500MHz (with PL/CH Adapters) and Sapphire Care
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  • SKU: ST-LT4500S
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ST-163009SimplyTest LanTEK IV-S SERIES – NEW 3000Mhz (with PL/CH Adapters)
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ST-163008SimplyTest LanTEK IV-S SERIES – NEW 500Mhz (with PL/CH Adapters)
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  • SKU: ST-163008
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POE-TesterISP Supplies Poe-Tester, 802.3Af/At/Bt And Passive. 4 Pair And 2 Pair
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