Indoor Enclosures

ISP Supplies offers Enclosures-Indoor & Outdoor Indoor Enclosures for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

Clean-looking Indoor Enclosures are great for small and medium businesses, offices, classrooms, warehouses, superstores, and others.

The sturdy, heavy-duty LightSaber Optics 6U - 12U 18” deep open frame rack with 19” width supports obstructed airflow. Its low-profile enclosure cabinet, with 100lbs maximum load capacity and locking, comes fully assembled. The Tripp Lite wall mount indoor enclosure cabinet featuring 200 - 3000lbs load capacity can accommodate up to 45U of standard-width rack equipment.

Our steel indoor enclosures fit all MikroTik RouterBOARD series. MikroTik enclosure with 3 or 4 holes for N-female Bulkhead connectors or ACSWI Swivel antennas fits more miniPCl card models. Moreover, Titan’s low-profile enclosure includes 3/8” mounting brackets, USB ports, and wall mount tabs.

ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of LightSaber, MikroTik, and other leading manufacturers, offering their certified Indoor Enclosures at the best prices.

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LSO-5UID-36-VRTSWLightSaber Optics 5U Vertical Wall Mount Rack Enclosure - 36 Inch Server Depth
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US$‎207.00 US$‎310.50
LSO-5UID-20-VRTSWLightSaber Optics 5U Vertical Wall Mount Rack Enclosure - 20 Inch Switch Depth
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US$‎185.53 US$‎278.30
LSO-2UID-20-VRTSWLightSaber Optics 2U Vertical Wall Mount Rack Enclosure - 20 Inch Switch Depth
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US$‎168.48 US$‎202.18
LSO-25UID-4PLightSaber Optics 25RU 19" Open Frame Server Rack - 4 Post Adjustable Depth
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US$‎182.08 US$‎273.13
RMK-2/10MikroTik 1U Dual or 10’’ Rackmount kit
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US$‎8.73 US$‎9.00
SRGROUNDTripp Lite 42U Rack Enclosure Server Grounding Kit
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LSO-IDOF-12U18LightSaber Optics 12U 18inch Deep Wall Mount Open Frame 19" Server Equipment Rack
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LSO-IDOF-9U18LightSaber Optics 9U 18inch Deep Wall Mount Open Frame 19" Server Equipment Rack
41 in stock
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LSO-IDOF-6U18LightSaber Optics 6U 18inch Deep Wall Mount Open Frame 19" Server Equipment Rack
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EN-711U-TWMTitan Wireless Indoor Case with Wall Mount Tabs and USB Port
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CASE1D2BLKUPC Engines Black Indoor Enclosure for APU & ALIX2D13 - 3 LAN
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EN-493U-TWMTitan Wireless Indoor 1U Rack Mount Case
72 in stock
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EN-493-TWMTitan Wireless Indoor Case with Wall Mount Tabs
114 in stock
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CASE1C1SLVPC Engines ALIX 2LAN Silver Indoor Enclosure
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CA/600MikroTik CA600 Indoor Case for RB600
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US$‎13.26 US$‎13.67
WG-TS8-AVAWaveguard Adapter Ubiquiti airVision NVR Adapter Plate for IE-TS8PRO-RM
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