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For ISPs, System Integrators and Small Businesses

The Deco ISP Cloud management system is an integrated, cloud-based network solution for ISP remote management. It allows ISPs, CSPs, SIs, and small businesses to monitor and manage select TP-Link Deco products with a centralized management platform via the cloud.

Comprehensive Cloud Data
for Network Monitoring

Deco ISP Cloud supports ISPs to develop long-term business growth based on reliable, intelligent cloud data. Network administrators can easily retrieve network information through a simple, clear web interface. Deco offers ISPs a full series of network monitoring data, including real-time speed of online devices and operation or abnormality notifications.

General ISP Network Status

  • Flexibility to choose what is displayed on the dashboard.
  • Real-time online rate.
  • Receive notifications.

Mesh Network Specific

  • View mesh network topology.
  • Basic network information like IP address, uptime and firmware version.
  • Detailed connection data like link rate and channel.

End Users & End Devices

  • See all clients connected both past and present.
  • Check IP, MAC status, device vendor, band, link rate, signal and uptime.

Full Control Control

Deco ISP Cloud is built to satisfy various needs for ISPs and be the most effective, flexible solution for ISP business services. ISPs take total control over the Deco mesh network system, ranging from network performance monitoring, network configuration, to network diagnostics.

  • Easy deployment model options.
  • Customer installed through easy to use app.
  • Professionally installed by ISP technician
  • No-touch installation (customer or pro).

Revenue Opportunities

Deco ISP Cloud gives ISPs the ability to enhance their Wi-Fi services by addressing customer wireless coverage issues. Generate CPE sales by offering DECO on a corporate web store, and easily upgrade legacy customers with self-install or a zero-touch tech install. Capture managed Wi-Fi revenue from your existing install base and offer Deco as a retention tool with a managed Wi-Fi option.

Compatible with Select Deco Models

The Deco ISP Cloud currently supports Deco M4 and Deco M5 with planned Q2 2021 support for Deco X20. The Deco mesh series for ISP provides end users with seamless, high-performance whole-home coverage using the latest technology.

No Training or Maintenance Required

  • Simple, web-based portal to manage select TP-Link Deco models.
  • Easy-search database to locate customer quickly.
  • Full management capability once network is selected.
  • Quick App-based installation; simple network transfer from installer to end user.
  • Zero-touch install option.

Scalable, Customizable ISP Services

The Deco ISP Cloud is a flexible platform for ISPs to deploy their business services. It supports data synchronization with an ISP’s CRM system, making it easier to develop positive experiences for customers through deep data analysis. It also provides ISPs with customizable marketing tools to increase brand exposure for end users.